The Panel is a group of student representatives elected by their peers, who gather four times a year to make decisions on how to take forward students’ suggestions and ideas. Each member of the Panel represents a different group of students and are provided with training and support in their position by the Students’ Union.

This year, we were pleased to receive 44 candidates for 25 positions following a 12 day nomination period at the start of term. Each of the nominated candidates received training, and then were encouraged to campaign for their position throughout the nine day elections period. 346 students voted in this years’ election, with most activity being seen at the start and the end of the election period. Following the elections, we are pleased to reveal our Panel representatives for this academic year at

This year we have a new ideas platform available online, where students are encouraged to submit their ideas for discussion at Panel meetings. Any idea which receives 25 ‘likes’ or more will be taken to The Panel. Through this platform students will also be able to track what action The Panel have taken with the ideas submitted. This is an excellent tool for student voice, and something we hope our members will embrace to bring about change at the University of Cumbria.

The first Panel meeting of the year will be taking place on the weekend of the 5th/6th November, along with some further training for our elected representatives.